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Chipotle is a fully ripened and smoked jalapeno pepper. It's also a new kind of restaurant that prepares gourmet burritos and tacos and barbacoa at reasonable prices.


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Vanessa Arjune 11/18/2022
I love Chipotle, just not enough meat
brendan 08/30/2022
love it
Pandabear23 02/07/2022
This place is my NEW GO TO PLACE!! LOVE THE FOOD!!
Delory 01/16/2022
My favorite meals ever and ever is Chipotle is a restaurant because they have healthy and delicious meals.
Fran 12/02/2021
Was treated to chipotle a couple of weeks ago and it was great
Tom OLooney 10/31/2021
All we got is three tacos each with a shell and just chunks of meat and beans..no toppings. And it was cold. You needed to specify that you had to order toppings separately. Good thing I had lettuce and taco sauce at home. Very disappointed.
CG 10/12/2021
The new smoked brisket was way to spicy. No advertising to inform the buyer. They wouldn't give me my money back
Loida 07/30/2021
Chipotle is a restaurant with healthy and very delicious meals. And attention is very good.
LadyDi614 05/27/2021
I absolutely love their food, it is so tasty and fresh!!!!
mary 09/30/2020
love the food and their dedications to correct any error
Gracie sharp 08/04/2020
They are awesome and love them
Pat Crowe 07/16/2020
Ordered and took home a chicken bowl. Removed foil top and heated up bowl in microwave for 1 minute. Removed from microwave and dispute fact that I was holding both sides of bowl, it buckled in the middle and my dinner ended up on the floor. A nice waste of $10. Chipolte needs to use disposable bowls that are not so cheap, thin and flimsy.
Ms.B 11/28/2019
I'm upset bcuz at this location (Waverly Center Dr) how can you run out of lettuce, when there's a Harris Tetter not even 5mins away that's unacceptiable!🤨
Leah 08/17/2018
Love chipotle. I am a big fan of steak burritos. I'm sure students will enjoy the BOGO. It's worth it
Marguerite Leonard 03/12/2018
I wish there was one closer to Wellington or Oberlin, Ohio. The closest one is over 20 miles one way. It's worth the 40+ miles round trip but it gets awfully costly with gas included. I love the burrito bowls the best.
Tamara Daurham 02/27/2018
I love Chipotle especially the chicken bowl and the chicken burritos dee-licious if you haven't tried it I recommend you tried Chipotle chicken bowl and the chicken burrito
Carol Liese 10/18/2017
Great food luv it,luv it
Cindy 08/29/2017
Chipotle is my favorite restaurant! I eat there at least twice a week, the newark nj location and the new brunswick location, but I never receive any of the coupons! Please help me get my coupons!
Eatoutguy 08/29/2017
Good but stingy. They charge on every little thing. I ask to add the grill pepper and onion in my quesadilla and they charge me as a burrito. Will not go there often.
Debbie Franco 08/03/2017
Chipotle is my fav but yes wrkers r pretty stingy whn it comes to serving, I could eat chipotle everyday ♡ it
Dissatisfied customer 07/27/2017
Chipotle is very stingy when it comes to adding meat to your bowl or other dish ( 1 small spoon of meat) this is unacceptable, this is why I stopped going to chipotle.
Angela Yi 07/23/2017
My daughter loves Chipotle. She is sick so she only can able to eat organic food. Thank you Chipotle...
Amy A. 07/20/2017
I love chipotle but wish they would offer regular shredded cheddar cheese and a smoother salsa with their dishes at no additional charge .
Susan B. 06/29/2017
Always fresh a yummy and good for you non guilty meal. I love it
Lacy Small 01/06/2017
I love everything about you. The place. The people. The food. It's all amazing
Linda Edwards 11/10/2016
Always my favorite, I always get the same bowl. Yummy everyone, also love the tea.
Lindsay K 08/04/2016
Great food for my celiac teen.. She gets a great meal gluten free!
Karla Gardner 05/18/2016
I love chipotle

Money Saving Tips at Chipotle

1. Order the burrito bowl: Ordering a burrito bowl instead of a burrito can save you money since you won't be paying for the tortilla. You can still get all the same ingredients, and you can even ask for a tortilla on the side if you want to make your own.

2. Skip the guacamole: While guacamole is delicious, it can add a significant cost to your meal. Consider skipping the guacamole or asking for it on the side to save money.

3. Sign up for Chipotle rewards: By signing up for Chipotle rewards, you'll earn points for every purchase you make, which can be redeemed for free food and other rewards. You'll also receive exclusive offers and promotions.

4. Order online: Ordering online or using the Chipotle app can save you time and money. You can skip the line and even receive special discounts and offers when you order online.

5. Share a meal: Chipotle's portions are generous and can be shared between two people. Consider sharing a burrito bowl or other menu item with a friend or family member to save money.

6. Bring your own drinks: Chipotle offers free water, but if you want soda or another beverage, consider bringing your own drink from home to save money.

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