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Chipotle is a fully ripened and smoked jalapeno pepper. It's also a new kind of restaurant that prepares gourmet burritos and tacos and barbacoa at reasonable prices.


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Vanessa Arjune 11/18/2022
I love Chipotle, just not enough meat
brendan 08/30/2022
love it
Pandabear23 02/07/2022
This place is my NEW GO TO PLACE!! LOVE THE FOOD!!
Delory 01/16/2022
My favorite meals ever and ever is Chipotle is a restaurant because they have healthy and delicious meals.
Fran 12/02/2021
Was treated to chipotle a couple of weeks ago and it was great
Tom OLooney 10/31/2021
All we got is three tacos each with a shell and just chunks of meat and beans..no toppings. And it was cold. You needed to specify that you had to order toppings separately. Good thing I had lettuce and taco sauce at home. Very disappointed.
CG 10/12/2021
The new smoked brisket was way to spicy. No advertising to inform the buyer. They wouldn't give me my money back
Loida 07/30/2021
Chipotle is a restaurant with healthy and very delicious meals. And attention is very good.
LadyDi614 05/27/2021
I absolutely love their food, it is so tasty and fresh!!!!
mary 09/30/2020
love the food and their dedications to correct any error
Gracie sharp 08/04/2020
They are awesome and love them
Pat Crowe 07/16/2020
Ordered and took home a chicken bowl. Removed foil top and heated up bowl in microwave for 1 minute. Removed from microwave and dispute fact that I was holding both sides of bowl, it buckled in the middle and my dinner ended up on the floor. A nice waste of $10. Chipolte needs to use disposable bowls that are not so cheap, thin and flimsy.
Ms.B 11/28/2019
I'm upset bcuz at this location (Waverly Center Dr) how can you run out of lettuce, when there's a Harris Tetter not even 5mins away that's unacceptiable!🤨
Leah 08/17/2018
Love chipotle. I am a big fan of steak burritos. I'm sure students will enjoy the BOGO. It's worth it
Marguerite Leonard 03/12/2018
I wish there was one closer to Wellington or Oberlin, Ohio. The closest one is over 20 miles one way. It's worth the 40+ miles round trip but it gets awfully costly with gas included. I love the burrito bowls the best.
Tamara Daurham 02/27/2018
I love Chipotle especially the chicken bowl and the chicken burritos dee-licious if you haven't tried it I recommend you tried Chipotle chicken bowl and the chicken burrito
Carol Liese 10/18/2017
Great food luv it,luv it
Cindy 08/29/2017
Chipotle is my favorite restaurant! I eat there at least twice a week, the newark nj location and the new brunswick location, but I never receive any of the coupons! Please help me get my coupons!
Eatoutguy 08/29/2017
Good but stingy. They charge on every little thing. I ask to add the grill pepper and onion in my quesadilla and they charge me as a burrito. Will not go there often.
Debbie Franco 08/03/2017
Chipotle is my fav but yes wrkers r pretty stingy whn it comes to serving, I could eat chipotle everyday ♡ it
Dissatisfied customer 07/27/2017
Chipotle is very stingy when it comes to adding meat to your bowl or other dish ( 1 small spoon of meat) this is unacceptable, this is why I stopped going to chipotle.
Angela Yi 07/23/2017
My daughter loves Chipotle. She is sick so she only can able to eat organic food. Thank you Chipotle...
Amy A. 07/20/2017
I love chipotle but wish they would offer regular shredded cheddar cheese and a smoother salsa with their dishes at no additional charge .
Susan B. 06/29/2017
Always fresh a yummy and good for you non guilty meal. I love it
Lacy Small 01/06/2017
I love everything about you. The place. The people. The food. It's all amazing
Linda Edwards 11/10/2016
Always my favorite, I always get the same bowl. Yummy everyone, also love the tea.
Lindsay K 08/04/2016
Great food for my celiac teen.. She gets a great meal gluten free!
Karla Gardner 05/18/2016
I love chipotle

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