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Anonymous 09/07/2023
Please, please bring back the best Onion Rings ever !
Anonymous 06/19/2023
Please bring back the onion rings..... The best on earth!!
george gb4diving@gmail.com 11/03/2022
Very Disappointed! After receiving the email for Coconut Shrimp, I called two buddies they love it too...we went to the new location on Loop 410 in San Antonio and were told they didn't have it! UNBELIEVABLE The manager didn't even offer, to buy us desert... We're going to Cheesecake Factory next time... Shame on You!
Donnie Byers 08/28/2022
Quick Service nice people nice place to be
Judy 05/21/2022
I joined the cheddars club 3 days ago and was supposed to receive a coupon for free chips and queso but have not received the offer. I am going there today and was hoping to have the coupon to use! Do better Cheddars!!!
charles russo 12/27/2021
I recently joined the cheddars club and was supposed th receive a coupon for chips and queso but never received the offer. I have since been to cheddars but am still awaiting the coupon.
Ellie 07/11/2021
Absolutely wonderful. Very prompt and courteous service. Great food!! Prices are very reasonable. Obviously run by people who know the business. We WILL be back again. EBW
Michael Britton 09/12/2020
I have enjoyed the food each time we visited Cheddar's.
Sue O. 02/03/2019
Lived in Tx. for a while, but moved back home to NYS just outside of Buffalo, NY. Wish they would open one here. My very favorite restaurant. Not too far from Buffalo Bills stadium.
Carol Lanier 04/12/2018
I am at Cheddars often. Tonite we had a party of 7. Our drinks were messed up from the first. got the wrong food. Took over an hour to just get our drinks refilled. 45 min to get the check which was wrong. Anther 10 min to get it back. very disappointed in my meal tonite.
Katie Hughes 02/21/2018
The VERY BEST place in this entire world to eat. Has been our FAVORITE for such a long time. Today is my 81st bday and 3of us are going there in an hour. Really LOVE this place. Good service. Clean best food ever and we eat out really often. Got about 12 gift cards there this Christmas. EXCELLENT
Lona Miller 02/17/2018
We eat at Cheddars often, the food is so very good and in comparison with other resturants the prices are much better.
Joann Britton 11/30/2017
Excellent food good service wish there was one in st louis.mo. Cant wait until I get to Austin Tx. For holidays.
Wendy 09/19/2017
Cheddar's is a great place to eat , they always have great service ,delicious food and a lot of food and very reasonable prices ,I would recommend everyone to eat at Cheddar's
Tama 09/01/2017
Best place to eat,always a great time and great food,service has always been the best I recommend this place to everyone 😊
Myra Johnson 07/09/2017
I ate there one time and it was memorable. I enjoyed the food and service. I ate in Columbus, Ga. I will recommend it to everyone. Thank you.
Lin thompson 06/23/2017
Service has always been great. Food is excellent and fresh. Reasonably inexpensive.
Sue Marchal 06/07/2017
Food was delicious. Our server forgot to put our order in and people arriving after (3 tables) were served well before us. Server admitted to putting our order in 5-10 late.
Debbie 01/22/2017
We love this place. So much to choose from and great food...
Brenda 01/08/2017
Love it, great food and great prices.
Susy 10/06/2016
My favorite restaurant. Love your fish dinners.
Tabbitha 09/08/2016
The food is so delicious. no other place like Cheddar's
Bob & Pat Kristek 03/30/2013
Cheddar`s is one on the top on our list to eat. Good food, good service and management and great prices. Great selection of food.
marla armstrong 10/23/2012
I have been to Cheddars a few times now . In west Virginia and Arkansas. The baked potato soup is wonderful . And your steaks are always cooked just right . Tender and juicy . As long as the service and food remain this good I will be a long time customer .

Money Saving Tips at Cheddar's

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is a casual dining restaurant known for its made-from-scratch dishes. Here are some money-saving tips when dining at Cheddar's:

1. Join the Cheddar's eClub: Sign up for Cheddar's eClub or loyalty program. Members often receive exclusive offers, promotions, and sometimes even a welcome discount.

2. Check for Daily Specials: Cheddar's may have daily specials or promotions. Check the menu or ask the staff about any ongoing discounts or featured dishes.

3. Lunch Specials: Consider dining during lunch hours when Cheddar's may offer lunch specials or reduced prices on select menu items.

4. Combo Meals: Explore combo meals or special packages. Combos often provide better value compared to ordering items individually.

5. Cheddar's Coupons and Deals: Keep an eye out for Cheddar's coupons or deals, which may be available through the restaurant's website, promotional emails, or coupon websites.

6. Follow on Social Media: Stay connected with Cheddar's on social media platforms. Some restaurants announce special promotions, contests, or discounts through their social media channels.

7. Early Bird Specials: Inquire about early bird specials if you are dining during off-peak hours. Some restaurants offer discounts for customers who dine early.

8. Family Bundles or To-Go Specials: Check if Cheddar's offers family bundles or special deals on to-go orders. This can be a cost-effective option for larger groups.

9. Shareable Portions: Some menu items, especially appetizers and desserts, can be quite large. Consider sharing these items with your dining companions to save on costs.

10. Student, Military, or Senior Discounts: Ask about discounts for students, military personnel, or seniors. Some restaurants provide special pricing for these groups.

11. Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen App: Download the Cheddar's app if available. Some restaurants offer exclusive deals or promotions to app users.

12. Survey Participation: If Cheddar's conducts customer satisfaction surveys, participate and provide feedback. Some restaurants offer discounts or special deals as a thank-you for completing surveys.

13. Gift Cards and Bonus Cards: Look for promotions where you can get bonus cards or discounts when you purchase Cheddar's gift cards.

14. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage): Some restaurants allow customers to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages. If this is allowed at Cheddar's, consider bringing your own drinks to save on beverage costs.

15. Check for Happy Hour Specials: Inquire about happy hour specials, especially if Cheddar's has a bar. Some locations may offer discounted appetizers or drinks during certain hours.

Always verify the terms and conditions of any promotions or discounts to ensure you understand the details and any restrictions that may apply.

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FAQs about Cheddar's

1. What type of cuisine does Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen offer?

Answer: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen offers a diverse menu of made-from-scratch American comfort food. This includes a variety of dishes, from salads and sandwiches to steaks and seafood.

2. Is Cheddar's a chain restaurant?

Answer: Yes, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is a chain of casual dining restaurants with locations across the United States.

3. What is the "scratch kitchen" concept at Cheddar's?

Answer: The term "scratch kitchen" means that Cheddar's prepares its dishes using fresh, quality ingredients made from scratch in their kitchens. This emphasizes a commitment to homemade, flavorful meals.

4. Does Cheddar's offer online ordering for takeout?

Answer: Yes, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen typically provides online ordering options for takeout. Customers can place orders through their website or mobile app.

5. Are there vegetarian options on the Cheddar's menu?

Answer: Yes, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen offers vegetarian options, including salads, pasta dishes, and vegetable sides. The menu may vary by location.

6. Can you make reservations at Cheddar's?

Answer: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen generally operates on a first-come, first-served basis and doesn't accept reservations. However, some locations may offer call-ahead seating.

7. What are Cheddar's most popular dishes?

Answer: Popular dishes at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen include the Monte Cristo sandwich, Chicken Tenders, and the Cheddar's Legendary Monster Cookie for dessert. However, popularity may vary by location.

8. Does Cheddar's have a loyalty program or rewards program?

Answer: Cheddar's may have a loyalty or rewards program that varies by location. Customers can check with their local Cheddar's restaurant for information on any available programs.

9. Are there gluten-free options at Cheddar's?

Answer: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen typically offers a Gluten-Free menu with options for those with gluten sensitivities. The menu may include salads, entrees, and sides.

10. Does Cheddar's have a kids' menu?

Answer: Yes, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen usually offers a kids' menu with a variety of kid-friendly options, including smaller portions of some of their popular dishes.

About Cheddar's

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, a popular American restaurant chain, has been delighting diners with its commitment to made-from-scratch dishes since its inception in 1979. Originating in Arlington, Texas, Cheddar's has established itself as a beloved casual dining destination, combining a warm and inviting atmosphere with a diverse menu of freshly prepared, high-quality food.

At the heart of Cheddar's appeal is its dedication to scratch cooking, where each dish is crafted with care from raw, whole ingredients. The menu features a broad array of American classics, from hand-breaded chicken tenders and homemade onion rings to slow-smoked baby back ribs and house-made desserts.

Cheddar's welcoming ambiance, characterized by wood accents and a casual vibe, creates a comfortable setting for families, friends, and individuals alike. The commitment to affordable pricing without compromising on flavor has made Cheddar's a go-to choice for those seeking a satisfying dining experience without breaking the bank.

With a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and a commitment to genuine hospitality, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen has expanded its presence across the United States, becoming a staple for those craving familiar, flavorful, and freshly prepared meals in a relaxed and family-friendly setting.

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