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Fast-food chain serving fried fish & shrimp combo meals along with gumbo & funnel cakes.


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Faith 10/21/2022
Wish i could get coupons, good tasty fish, great baked potato
Wanda 07/15/2022
Got very bad cole slaw with meal this evening. Tried to call but no answer. Store #3682 Order # 0173
Brenda 06/14/2022
I miss the coupons that I got in the mail. Haven’t eaten there since 2019
B Blackwood 06/01/2022
Why is it everytime we go to the Salisbury, NC location it is closed. The hours say 10:30am - 5:00pm but was closed around noon. A lot of people work and can not make it by 5:00pm
Marie Bailey 05/30/2022
I ate at Princeton,WV Captain D's today. Store number 3572. My order #0075, I ordered the 12 piece Fried Shrimp and added the 6 piece oysters. My shrimp were cold. 3 of them were so hard and dried out. I ate 4 of the oysters. The 4th oysters had an unpleasant taste, so I didn't want to try the last 2. You have a serious decline in the quality of your food. I have a degree in food prep and quality. I am 72. It is a grave condition when a senior with a limited budget spends her money on such an inferior product. The food today was certainly not like your usual that I am use to getting.
Danielle Tarrence 03/09/2022
Yes please bring some of your restaurants here to all over Michigan we are in need of good restaurants here so very much. Thank you !!! Soon please !!!
Jeff 03/04/2022
They have gotten very expensive
Judy Cardin 02/22/2022
I love this restaurant! Their food is always fresh and hot. Their employees are always very friendly and seem appreciative of our business..
Bama 12/12/2021
I love it but it is expensive if you don't have coupons
Gordy 11/03/2021
I stopped eating there because they stopped giving coupons,
Angela Elam 10/28/2021
Why coupons have stop coming in the mail? I'm on. disabiltabily and can't afford regular prices
Sylvia Strickland 09/19/2021
Since becoming a recent widow I get takeout every Sunday and get the two piece fish with Okra and Slaw. When my mom was living we would buy her a Capts D's meal and take it to her in the nursing home. She loved it.
Tanya 08/26/2021
The fish is always pretty good n I love lobster bites & I send my fiance to get a platter that was online the special that day. 1 st time he goes at 8:10 and online said open til 11 this was a Friday & they say we closed at 8. 2nd time same special they say there out of it but had given him one supposed to be close to the special and it was nothing like it & not good tasting either. But they had every item for the platter I wanted but didn't do it. Food was cold & service was not good I'm ITB & was appalled & then they way over charged and had 2 sides missing
Betty Goodwin 07/31/2021
I love capt D’s. I eat there a lot and could definitely use the coupons
Janet Sheen 07/25/2021
Went to Capt. D's on Brandt Pike in Huber Hts OH at 8;15pm and they were closed. They have a sign in window that they need help. If I wasn't 77 I'd take a job. The food was always so good.
Anonymous 07/24/2021
Glad Captain D's Versailles rd is open. had great food & great service when ate there with a friend Thurs 7/22 & went back today to eat with 3 of my friends. Fish was great had salmon Thurs Great! Restaurant nice & clean too. Thanks to Jeff Smith mgr & cashier Heather! Also thanks to John that called me from headquarters on a little mix up, was very impressed # 1 called me. I didn't call to get anything free i just addressed a situation but insisted & mailed me a post card for free meals. Thanks !!
Peggy Pendygraft 07/22/2021
Grilled fish is good, love they have baked potatoes, grilled shrimp good
Barbara Locke 07/21/2021
Why do you not mail out coupons. Especially when the pandemic started. People are broke and every discount the people get will make your company money
Claudia Williams 07/07/2021
The Employees was very helpful and informative taking the time for me to make up my mind about what side order I wanted
Brenda childers 06/05/2021
Love it
Roy 04/02/2021
Yw have gotten too expensive.
Donna Stallings 10/23/2020
Too much money for food YOU CANNOT EAT! Due to COVID we have not eaten out, so on 22 October 2020 we decided to visit Captain D's yesterday afternoon at 15:13 (3:13 pm: order##0153]. Major Bad Decision costs $20.86. Poor quality food, the salt shaker must have been emptied on the okra and fish!
Mary O Dixon 10/08/2020
I always enjoy my food at captain D’s.
Joseph Thierry 09/11/2020
I'm boycotting Captain D's they cancelled the frequent customer card without warning . I was a weekly customer and sometimes my family. Go to the House Springs Mo.
Rose johnson 10/12/2018
I brought 2 fish and shrimp dinners they were not good at all shrimp was not good at all. That was first time I had that experience. Did not drive back to take back.
Diane 06/16/2018
Had a great experience in Paducah Kentucky
anoja riefle 05/17/2018
I like the captain D's employees are good and friendly
John young 03/24/2018
Imitation crab meat in the crab shells
Cecilia Mecham 11/09/2016
I have loved captain D's forever but I wish there was one located near me in Southside Alabama.
Angela 09/05/2016
You can't afford to go up on y'all prices, you are to high
Tracey Busby 08/22/2016
My husband and I love captain d's. We'd like a 10 piece value pack for $12.95 coupon.
Vicky 07/23/2016
I really enjoy every meal, flavorful, hot when served. Very helpful and friendly staff, with prompt service.

Money Saving Tips at Captain D's

1. Join D's Club: Sign up for D's Club and receive exclusive deals, coupons, and rewards.

2. Look for Coupons: Check the Captain D's website, local newspapers, and coupon sites for printable coupons or promo codes.

3. Order Off the Value Menu: Captain D's offers a value menu with affordable options for seafood, sides, and desserts.

4. Share a Meal: Portions at Captain D's can be quite large, so consider sharing a meal with a friend or family member to save money.

5. Go during Happy Hour: Captain D's offers a happy hour menu with discounted drinks and snacks, typically between 2 pm to 5 pm.

6. Skip Extras: Consider skipping extras like extra sauce, premium sides, or drinks, which can add up quickly.

7. Combo Deals: Captain D's offers combo deals that include a seafood platter, sides, and a drink at a discounted price. Keep an eye out for these deals to save money on your next visit.

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