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Anonymous 05/01/2019
Unfortunately, Not Each/Every 'Walmart' carry in stock 'CALORIE SMART BOOST'; thus, I have to shop at another store for this. Due to some difficulty I have with eating a meal three times a day, am only able to eat a small meal once a day, I drink BOOST , Calorie Smart, twice a day.
Melvin 11/09/2017
Boost is so good and we drink every single day with my husband and my kids. Is the Best nutritional drink in the world.
Anonymous 03/15/2017
Don't neglect to make certain your printer is ready to print the coupon for Boost. I didn't know mine was out of paper when I tried to print. I didn't get a second chance. Once you try, whether you can print or not, you're done. You may still request a coupon by snail mail if you want to wait. I agree "Boost" tastes great. I wish it weren't so expensive & didn't have as much sugar in it, but that's probably what makes it tastes so good! (To Sue Deethardt: I never see "Deethardt" anywhere except the married name of my sister. Amazing to see it here!)
Sue Deethardt 01/11/2017
I love boost. I get cramps in my legs if I don't drink it. I would appreciate it if I could get coupons. It's a bit expensive on social security.
jeanette partridge 01/16/2012
My husband had head/neck cancer and drinks these BOOST drinks 4 times a day and i would love to receive all the coupons that i can get a hold of !! thank you so much ....
Phyllis Hamilton 09/10/2011
Boost taste good and really gives me a lift.

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