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Frederick Thompson 02/15/2023
February 14, 2023 I have looked at many reviews of the Bakersfield Black Angus Statehouse today, and find most reviews very favorable, with great impressions of both staff and food. I am at a loss to explain why our visit last evening was so extraordinarily bad. We cannot comment on the food, because after an hour of being ignored by the staff, while sitting a the bar, (to be as fair as possible, we did get an initial drink served by a waitress who then left the bar) we asked to speak with the manager. The manager arrived and after listening sympathetically to our complaint, he, to my total surprise, started to push back. We left. We won't return. I am an Anglo-Saxon; my wife is a very dark complected woman from the Indian sub-continent. I have wondered whether or not her color was influencing the wait staff. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any other reason that separated us from the other four patrons who were seated next to us in that section of the bar, and who were very well served during the hour we sat, waiting to be called to a table. When we entered the Black Angus, I gave my name to the Hostess. Near the end of the hour I asked my wife to go the Hostess and inquire about our table, and the Hostess told her that she had called us. If she did, she didn’t spend any time trying to find us. In all of our years wandering the world, we’ve had dinners in restaurants in many States of the US as well as in many countries and we have never had this bad an experience anywhere. The manager’s pushback was without parallel in our experience.
Judy hayes 04/07/2022
I visited Black Angus about a year ago and it was absolutely awful. The steak was tough and The baked potato was cold. I hope by now they have a much better chef. To me I would rather pay more and have a good meal than to have a meal I just can’t eat and enjoy. Before the pandemic the food was great and the servers were very attentive.
Maria barboza 01/23/2022
It’s very good it’s my favorite restaurant I just love the salad and the artichoke with lemon and the broccoli with Parmesan the steak the lobster it’s so delicious it’s wonderful thank you and it’s it’s a great great atmosphere
Joyce St. Claire 01/04/2022
My favorite restaurant!!! Everything is always perfectly cooked. The service is extra attentive.
Michelle 10/30/2021
Lauri was a great waitresses and are meal was nice and 1million the best customer service 1million the best lobster 1million the best prime rib 1million the best salad thank you we really enjoyed
Maecollins 08/12/2020
Love the food and great service
Sandy Cortez 10/12/2019
We went on Tuesday 10-8-19 and sat in sport bar area. Our server was courteous but forgetful. We bought 2 campfire specials with large appetizers. The shrimp were dry. Salads good but asked for more dressing and it came when we were done. The new York steaks were good, but the rib eye and prime rib were tough. All ordered at medium , steak sauce came at end and the desserts were skimpy. I was embarrassed to bring these people. I've always had good food in past. I'm not sure about coming back?
Anna R Ryan 08/15/2019
Love B.Angus!
Dianne Ennis 07/05/2019
Top of my favorite go to restaurants I just wish they would bring back the Tater Tot potatoes😥...can I just say YUMMMM!
Kimberly Radaker 06/05/2019
Leon 11/22/2018
I had a great dinner of prime rib but the wheat honey loaf was barely warm, more like lukecold. Ever put butter on bread were the bread was not hot enough to melt it completely ? The unmelted butter can be messy to deal with ! Come on cook or server heat the bread !
Anonymous 08/21/2018
Six of us went to Black Angus yesterday! It took over an hr1/2 to get our food. Once half of it came, The waitress states oh we don’t have any baked potatoes do you want to wait another five minutes. Those of us that ordered the baked potato decided to wait, well it didn’t take five minutes it took more like 15 minutes and we still didn’t get it! I ordered salmon and on my plate when they serve it to me was just a plain old piece of salmon no garnish no sauce no butter no nothing! So we spoke to the manager, he says he’s going to adjust our tickets, at that time I stated to him that he should pay for our meals. At that point he yells at me would you please just let me do my job, I asked him if that point is this the way you talk to all your customers! His answer was yes because I can. Who does this to your customers? I would like to have some answers as soon as possible! This is very unacceptable!!! I want answers! I have pictures of the way our food was presented to us I would love for you to see them.
Diane valdez 08/10/2018
I was disappointed with my lunch. Ordered steak medium came back Rare. My plate was bloody. And Baked potato soggy because of the Blood. sent back steak. And then Overcooked. This was at the Tustin Restaurant. Saturday 8/4/28.
Sandra Derham 05/06/2017
We love going to Black Angus for late lunches before the crowds.We always have great service and attentive servers. Thanks for such a great place.
Shelly 12/16/2012
Our family does all our special occasion dinners at black angus , they are the very best, the food is beyond delicious.. Thank you black angus from the thorn family

Money Saving Tips at Black Angus

Black Angus is a steakhouse chain known for its quality steaks and other menu offerings. Here are some money-saving tips when dining at Black Angus:

1. Join the Prime Club: Sign up for Black Angus's Prime Club or loyalty program. Members often receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and a free dessert on their birthday.

2. Check for Promotions and Specials: Visit the Black Angus website or check their social media pages for current promotions and specials. They may have limited-time offers or discounts on specific menu items.

3. Early Dining Deals: Some restaurants offer early dining specials or happy hour discounts. Check if Black Angus has any early bird specials on their menu.

4. Lunch Specials: Consider visiting Black Angus during lunch hours when they may have special lunch deals or reduced prices on certain menu items.

5. Sign Up for Email Alerts: Subscribe to Black Angus's newsletter or email alerts to receive notifications about upcoming promotions, events, and discounts.

6. Special Event Promotions: Black Angus may offer promotions during special events or holidays. Check for special menus or discounts during these times.

7. Shareable Portions: Some menu items, especially appetizers and sides, can be quite generous. Consider sharing these items with your dining companions to save on costs.

8. Combo Meals: Explore combo meals or special packages that may offer a better value compared to ordering items individually.

9. Military and Senior Discounts: Inquire about discounts for military personnel or seniors if applicable. Many restaurants offer special pricing for these groups.

10. Check Third-Party Apps: Look for deals on food delivery or restaurant discount apps. Occasionally, Black Angus may partner with these platforms to offer promotions.

11. Gift Cards and Bonus Cards: Keep an eye out for gift card promotions. Sometimes, restaurants offer bonus cards or discounts when you purchase a certain amount in gift cards.

12. Follow on Social Media: Stay connected with Black Angus on social media platforms for real-time updates on promotions, contests, or exclusive discounts.

13. Survey Participation: If Black Angus conducts customer satisfaction surveys, participate and provide feedback. In some cases, you may receive a discount or special offer as a thank-you.

14. Consider Takeout: If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, consider ordering takeout instead of dining in. Some restaurants offer special takeout deals.

Always check the terms and conditions of any promotions or discounts to ensure you understand the details and any limitations that may apply.

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FAQs about Black Angus

1. What is Black Angus beef?

Answer: Black Angus beef refers to meat from the Angus breed of cattle, specifically those with a black coat. It is known for its marbling, tenderness, and rich flavor, making it a popular choice for high-quality beef.

2. Is Black Angus beef better than other types of beef?

Answer: Black Angus beef is often considered of high quality due to its marbling and tenderness. However, personal preferences vary, and factors like diet and farming practices can influence the taste and quality of beef.

3. Do all Black Angus restaurants serve only Black Angus beef?

Answer: Not all restaurants with "Black Angus" in their name exclusively serve Black Angus beef. It's important to check the menu or inquire with the restaurant to confirm the type of beef they use.

4. Are there vegetarian options at Black Angus restaurants?

Answer: While Black Angus is known for its beef, many of its restaurants offer a diverse menu that includes vegetarian options, salads, and seafood dishes.

5. Can you order Black Angus beef online?

Answer: Some Black Angus restaurants may offer online ordering or delivery services. Customers should check with their local Black Angus location to see if these options are available.

6. What are the signature dishes at Black Angus?

Answer: Black Angus is known for its steaks, including cuts like ribeye, New York strip, and filet mignon. Signature dishes may vary, but the focus is generally on high-quality beef.

7. Are there promotions or loyalty programs at Black Angus?

Answer: Black Angus often has promotions and special offers, and they may have a loyalty program that rewards frequent diners. Customers can check with their local Black Angus restaurant for specific details.

8. Can you make reservations at Black Angus?

Answer: Many Black Angus locations allow customers to make reservations, especially for special occasions or during peak dining hours. It's advisable to check with the specific restaurant for reservation policies.

9. Is Black Angus a chain or independent restaurants?

Answer: Black Angus is a chain of steakhouses with multiple locations across the United States. Each restaurant is part of the larger Black Angus brand.

10. Do Black Angus restaurants offer catering services?

Answer: Some Black Angus locations may offer catering services for events and gatherings. Customers interested in catering should contact their local Black Angus restaurant for details on available options.

About Black Angus

Black Angus Steakhouse, a distinguished dining establishment, has been a beacon of premium steak experiences since its founding in 1964. With origins in Seattle, Washington, Black Angus has evolved into a national culinary icon, celebrated for its commitment to serving the finest quality, hand-cut, and expertly grilled steaks.

At the heart of Black Angus' appeal is its emphasis on top-tier cuts of beef, aged to perfection for maximum tenderness and flavor. The menu showcases a diverse array of steak options, from the indulgent Filet Mignon to the robust and flavorful Prime Rib, offering a steakhouse experience that caters to diverse palates.

Beyond its steak offerings, Black Angus is known for its commitment to a complete dining experience, featuring seafood, poultry, and delectable appetizers, all crafted with culinary finesse. The warm and inviting ambiance, often accented with rustic and elegant decor, contributes to an atmosphere suitable for intimate dinners or celebratory gatherings.

Black Angus' dedication to impeccable service and a curated selection of wines adds to the overall sophistication of the dining experience. With locations across the United States, Black Angus Steakhouse remains a destination of choice for discerning diners seeking a classic and refined steakhouse encounter, where quality, flavor, and ambiance converge to create memorable culinary moments.

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