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Our menu features BJ’s own delicious, innovative spin on your favorite foods, including deep dish pizzas, salads, sandwiches, pastas, steaks, and so much more.


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Tula Noussias 04/12/2020
My husband and I loved the service. The food was very good! We will be back!!!
Scott 11/17/2018
Waitress hair not pinned up not all of them and think it is a hang out talking on their cell phones yelling across the bar. The professionalism is lacking since it first opened
Ron 04/03/2017
Absolutely the worst service I have EVER had and the waiter badgered us after the meal after I told him a recap of his bad service.
Tina Collison 12/21/2016
Fav place! Best pizza in town. Live atmosphere
Kim 07/15/2016
Is it just me or foods at BJ are very salty....
Iris Cohen - 702-809-4466 06/28/2016
I absolutely love BJ Restaurant. The assortment of foods are wonderful and the service is always nice.❤️ My husband and i eat here at least 3x week. We have found that the foods are NOT always cooked right. The chipotle salmon with vegetables are not always cooked properly. Sometimes the delicious chipotle sauce is sparse and not enough and sometimes the vegetables are not cooked enough - almost Raw. This is my husbands favorite dish and he is annoyed when this happens and he has to have it redone- because then we (my family) are all done eating. The Caesar salad w chicken does not have enough dressing and many times chicken is overly done.I do however have a comment about the kitchen.

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About BJ's Restaurant

It was 1978 when two guys who had a great recipe for deep dish pizza opened the first BJ’s in Santa Ana, California. The pizza was an immediate hit and, as years went by, new BJ’s restaurants were opened in beach cities along Southern California’s coastline. In 1996, with seven restaurants in operation from San Diego to Los Angeles, the first BJ’s brewery began production in their new restaurant in Brea, California. The introduction of fine handcrafted beer was welcomed by guests and the newly renamed BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery concept was launched. New menu items and new beers have been added through the years as the BJ’s brand has expanded across the U.S.

Their passionate desire to provide extraordinary value for their guests in a high-energy, fun, child-friendly environment, along with a sincere commitment to support the communities in which they do business, goes to the heart of what differentiates BJ’s from other restaurants. It is because of you, their guests, that they have been able to realize a dream and create the company and culture that thrives today. Thank you for being the biggest and most important part of what keeps their dreams alive!

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