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  • 10% cashback on your purchase.
  • Maximum cashback/order is $10.

Membership warehouse retail stores on the United State's east coast.


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Lynn 07/23/2020
Hate the fact we now must “load” our coupons AND check ourselves out at the register. NOT including the fact of everything the store is out of. A coupon item is NOT available during the period it’s valid; store stock is the pits; &, ONE deli clerk at a time?? We aren’t even good enough to be referred to as “cattle”, treatment of customers is NOT that high on the satisfaction ladder!
Mary 06/21/2020
Very upsetting that now one must download the app in order to get discount coupons, what is one to do if you-have phone issues,I have shopped in Bj for my business and which all that we’re dealing with now as a consumer we Don’t need to add more to our daily life’s , BJ should just deduct it automatically, unless the real purpose is not due to the virus but for the consumer not to bother so they pay regular price
Ruth Voetelink 05/27/2020
I have loved BJ's since it arrived in the Syracuse area. However, when I have to use a computer to see and get coupons, there I draw the line!!! This is the most imbecilic ideas I have ever heard of!!! If I can't use a paper coupon at the store, I will not be shopping at the store!!!!
Mark Hedtke 05/16/2017
Been a member for many years and have been the recipient of many great money saving deals during that time. Yes I know about the 3month free offers and thought the same way so I have let my membership lapse every once in a while and then resign up on occasion. Never the less, no one reads these comments anyway so when I thought about a fair solution, I felt that this would be fair for everyone. First base discounts to memberships upon reaching certain sales thresholds by each customer. I mean realistic ones where after being a member for a year a customer would get let's say a free month if they sign up for another year (an incentive to remain a member) and if say you as a customer spend $2000 in a year you would receive an additional month membership free as well and possibly if you remained at that purchasing level every year, you would get another month free off your membership each year there after, until a maximum where your membership would then be free. This obviously creates a customer loyalty unmatched in the industry! Maybe the CEO and board of directors should consider this suggestion as a solution to your frustration about membership fees!
Barb 05/31/2016
I have a yearly membership, for a number of years and get annoyed when I see in the paper where you Offer three months membership for free. Not sure if I will rejoin come February Unless you extend my membership three months for free.
Patrick Olsen 08/01/2013
Seeing that I have several members of my family living in close proximity, we all go shopping and really do get some fantastic bargain deals..I have saved well over a thousand dollars the last three months compared to another grocery store like Stop & Shop which is the dominant Grocery chain in the North East

About BJs Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club first introduced the warehouse club concept to the northeastern U.S. in 1984. Since then they’ve expanded, moving north to Maine, south to Florida and as far west as Ohio. Today, they operate over 200 Clubs in 15 states.

In-Club and online, BJ’s offers Members a huge selection of the very best products for home and business — from groceries, cleaning supplies and health & beauty to home goods, computers, electronics and more — at incredibly low prices every day.

BJs.com offers more ways to save. Members can save on thousands of superior products not found in any club, many with shipping included. Or they can click on BJ’s Services and access exclusive discounts on new vehicles, home improvements, family travel and other big-ticket items.

These are just a few of the many ways their Members can save every day. But don’t take their word for it. Please download a Pass and visit a Club near you today. Then see for yourself just how much you could save with a BJ’s Membership.

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