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Comments about Baskin-Robbins (24)


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Anonymous 04/09/2024
They never honor there coupons for some reason. Will loose customers
Veronica Quick 08/15/2022
I will never shop there again because they never have what you ordered or the freezers always broken they have put a bad taste in me
Gram Carole 07/14/2022
Had my grandson a college student and his best friend in Colorado for several days. First place to go is Loveland’s Baskin-Robbins!! Double scoop of our favorites! Never a disappointment! Thank the crew for coming to work, deeply appreciated.
Edw 02/18/2022
Good ice cream… prices too high…will lose customers
SABERA PATEL 08/30/2021
I like Pistachio Almond ice cream of Baskin Robbins
Debra Anderson 06/11/2021
Awesome Awesome Awesome
Breque Tyson 03/31/2020
Today went to local baskin-Robbins to get the $1.70 scoop and was told after being charged $4.75 for two scoops that corporate cancelled the promotion. No notification just didn't honor their advertising. Staff was kind about it so I paid but I am complaining
Pauline Alexander 04/29/2018
Awesome people and ice cream. Calistoga Rd. Santa Rosa
Judy Hawkins 03/19/2018
Delicious ice cream! We will be back for more.
Why 03/13/2018
The ice-cream is delicious but the prices are outrageous!!!!
Booker 09/28/2017
Ice cream good , price high
Anonymous 08/31/2017
I had a great ice cream cone as store #360253
Arthur Bunton 08/04/2017
Store#344164, order 9 inch round with 6 cones for top. Ordered white cake with vanilla ice cream. Picked up a 5 pm had birthday getogether cut into and had chocolate cake with mint ice cream. Upset! Called store manager said could not refund. Not good business.
Michael Lara 06/10/2017
Good service and good ice cream!
Connie 03/12/2017
Totally enjoyed My ice cream and the owner are very nice.
beverly glaspie 01/18/2017
Love love marble ice cream carmel vanilla
beverly glaspie 01/01/2017
Like baskin robbins ice cream carmel vanilla my favor
DONNA BALDWIN 06/03/2012
My daughter stopped at a Baskin Robbins store after a day of shopping. We were each hungry but are trying to watch our weight. So we debated on lunch or ice cream. BASKIN ROBBINS WON!!!
kelley 04/28/2012
The peanut butter and chocolate ice cream has been my favorite ever since i was a little girl. That is the only flavor I ever get, no matter what. Great idea who mde this flavor up...Keep up the great work
marilyn nadrich 04/05/2012
Baskin-Robbins ice cream and service is superb. Their cakes are excellent too. Every time I go there for icecream I enjoy it immensely.
Pat Rao 12/03/2011
We just LOVE Baskin Robbins ice cream!!. We are so happy that they have opened a new store on Jacklin blvd in Milpitas!! We love Baskin Robbins because they have ever so many mouth-watering flavors; the ice-cream is so flavorful and smooth; it just slides down and I cant wait to get a second scoop!! Keep up the good work, BR, and keep doing your thing!! You can count on us to keep ordering our Birthday cakes frm you.
Shivani 10/17/2011
Baskin robins is amazing! they have great flavors. Pistachio almond is my favorite.
MAXINE CHEZAR 10/17/2011
delicious ice cream and very polite sales staff
tykisha 08/23/2011
i love baskin-robbins i get ice cream every day love it

Money Saving Tips at Baskin-Robbins

If you're a fan of Baskin-Robbins and want to save money on your sweet treats, here are some tips to help you get the most value for your purchases:

1. Join the Baskin-Robbins Rewards Program: Sign up for the Baskin-Robbins rewards program if available in your area. This program may offer you exclusive deals, discounts, and rewards for being a loyal customer.

2. Download the Baskin-Robbins App: The Baskin-Robbins app often provides exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. Download the app to receive notifications about special offers and to potentially access app-only deals.

3. Check for Daily or Weekly Specials: Baskin-Robbins may have daily or weekly specials on specific ice cream flavors or menu items. Keep an eye on their website, app, or social media pages for information on current promotions.

4. Birthday Club and Special Occasions: Some Baskin-Robbins locations have a birthday club or offer special treats for customers celebrating special occasions. Check with your local store to see if they have any programs that offer discounts or freebies.

5. Follow Baskin-Robbins on Social Media: Stay updated on Baskin-Robbins' social media channels for announcements of special promotions, contests, or exclusive deals. Some promotions may be available to online followers.

6. Participate in Baskin-Robbins Events: Baskin-Robbins occasionally runs special events or promotions tied to holidays or awareness days. Participate in these events to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

7. Subscribe to Email Alerts: Sign up for Baskin-Robbins' email alerts to receive notifications about promotions, new flavors, and exclusive discounts. Some deals may be available only to email subscribers.

8. Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) Deals: Look out for BOGO deals or special promotions that offer a free scoop or discount with the purchase of another. These deals are great for sharing or treating a friend.

9. Opt for Value Packs or Combos: Some Baskin-Robbins locations may offer value packs or combo deals that provide better value than buying individual scoops. Consider these options if you're ordering for a group.

10. Participate in Ice Cream Sampling Events: Some Baskin-Robbins locations may host sampling events where you can try new flavors for free. Take advantage of these events to discover new favorites without committing to a full purchase.

11. Check for Online Ordering Discounts: If your local Baskin-Robbins allows online orders, check for any discounts or promotions specific to online ordering through their website or app.

12. Bring Your Own Toppings: If Baskin-Robbins charges extra for toppings, consider bringing your own toppings from home to customize your ice cream without incurring additional costs.

13. Utilize Coupons or Promo Codes: Keep an eye out for Baskin-Robbins coupons or promo codes, which may be available in local newspapers, online coupon websites, or the Baskin-Robbins app. These can provide additional savings on your order.

Always check with your specific Baskin-Robbins location for promotions, policies, and any ongoing discounts. Keep in mind that the availability of certain deals and promotions may vary by location.

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FAQs about Baskin-Robbins

1. What flavors of ice cream does Baskin-Robbins offer?

Baskin-Robbins is known for its extensive flavor variety, offering classics like Mint Chocolate Chip and Rocky Road, as well as specialty flavors like Jamoca® Almond Fudge and Gold Medal Ribbon. The flavor lineup may vary by location.

2. Does Baskin-Robbins offer sugar-free or low-fat ice cream options?

Baskin-Robbins typically offers a range of options, including sugar-free and reduced-fat ice cream flavors. Customers with dietary restrictions can inquire about specific options available at their local store.

3. Can I order custom ice cream cakes at Baskin-Robbins?

Yes, Baskin-Robbins is known for its customizable ice cream cakes. Customers can choose their preferred ice cream flavors and cake designs for special occasions.

4. What is the Baskin-Robbins Flavor of the Month?

Baskin-Robbins features a Flavor of the Month, highlighting a unique and often seasonal flavor. The Flavor of the Month is a limited-time offering.

5. Does Baskin-Robbins have a loyalty program?

Baskin-Robbins offers the Baskin-Robbins Rewards program, where members can earn points on purchases, receive special offers, and enjoy discounts. Points can be redeemed for free scoops of ice cream.

6. Can I order Baskin-Robbins ice cream online for delivery?

Baskin-Robbins offers online ordering for ice cream cakes, but delivery options may vary by location. Some third-party services may also provide delivery for Baskin-Robbins products.

7. What are the options for ice cream sundaes at Baskin-Robbins?

Baskin-Robbins offers a variety of ice cream sundaes with different toppings, sauces, and whipped cream. Customers can choose from classic sundaes or create their own.

8. What allergen information does Baskin-Robbins provide for its ice cream?

Baskin-Robbins provides allergen information for its ice cream flavors on its website and in-store. This information can help customers with allergies make informed choices.

9. Does Baskin-Robbins offer non-dairy or vegan ice cream options?

Baskin-Robbins has introduced non-dairy and vegan ice cream options, expanding its menu to accommodate customers with dietary preferences. Options may include flavors made with almond milk or coconut milk.

10. How can I find the nearest Baskin-Robbins location?

Customers can use the store locator on the official Baskin-Robbins website to find the nearest location. The locator allows users to search by ZIP code, city, or state.

About Baskin-Robbins

Baskin-Robbins, founded in 1945, holds a sweet spot in the hearts of ice cream lovers worldwide as a renowned ice cream and cake specialty chain. With thousands of locations, Baskin-Robbins is celebrated for its commitment to offering a diverse array of flavors and inventive frozen treats.

The hallmark of Baskin-Robbins is its iconic 31 flavors concept, symbolizing a flavor for each day of the month. The brand consistently introduces new and exciting flavors, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. From classic favorites like Mint Chocolate Chip to innovative creations like Jamoca Almond Fudge, Baskin-Robbins is synonymous with variety and indulgence.

Beyond its flavorful ice cream offerings, Baskin-Robbins is renowned for its customizable ice cream cakes, combining layers of delicious ice cream with creative designs for special occasions. The brand's commitment to customization extends to its sundaes, shakes, and other frozen treats.

Baskin-Robbins' inviting and colorful store ambiance, characterized by the iconic pink spoon logo, enhances the overall experience. The brand's dedication to joyous and flavorful moments has made it a cherished destination for families, friends, and ice cream enthusiasts seeking a delightful and memorable dessert experience.

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