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Coleen McKean 06/07/2016
my only comment is that when they were parker propane I could always get them on the phone. Now I have called for 5 days and always get a recording telling me that there is no one available to take my call. Since I only have 5 percent propane left after the flood event in our area in March and this is the beginning of the hurricane season I am wishing to get some more propane for my tank. During the flood disaster to my area when Entergy turned off the power for safety concerns my generac ran for a full three weeks which was good in that I had no spoiled food and a nice cool house to come home too when we were allowed back on our road. However that is why I have used more propane as the generac is the only propane useage I have. So would appreciate someone bringing me more propane as soon as possible wiith hurricanes allready brewing in the Gulf. Thanks Coleen McKean

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