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Lawrence 07/23/2023
Comfortable seats, good sound system and easy access to seats
Edward 01/30/2023
The ticket deals is no deal at all. Movies around 11 till about 3 run $5 to $9 dollars Chairs are good, A lot of them are worn. Popcorn and drinks are way too hi
Barbara 10/09/2022
Very comfortable and clean
Barbara 09/03/2022
My boyfriend and I love going to the Movies there.
I Purden 05/21/2022
My cousin and I go once a week together to the Melbourne AMC. We have been doing so for a few years now. For two senior citizens it’s fun, safe and the refreshments are the best!
Vicki 05/19/2022
Impossible website. Constant redirect or simply windows that do not open. Unable to join Stubs program or even see movie times. Every single time I try to see movie times, the site wants me to join. So I try to and it closes the window each time. Not worth the hassle.
Linda Haynes 04/05/2022
AMC theater here in Norman, Ok is so clean and the employees are very nice. My husband & I are senior citizens but we try to see a movie (matinee) at least weekly.
Isabelle Purden 02/25/2022
I am eighty years old and go to my local AMC movie theater once a week with my cousin. We have been going to see a movie together since we were kids. Both of us are in our seventies now, but we love our AMC theater here in Melbourne, Florida.
Katherine Myles 11/15/2021
It is so good to get discounts I'm a senior it's getting harder for me to pay anything. It's so good to go out and have some form of entertainment.
Yk 09/29/2021
I love the convenient location of AMC Promenade 16 it is my local AMC I enjoy going there the staff it's professional friendly and helpful I love the variety of movies always being shown at AMC Promenade 16 overall my experience was great
Julie 09/21/2021
Love my Cherry Blossom 14 AMC Theatre. So centrally located! Traverse City Michigan.
Gladys 01/19/2020
I went to AMC Store 7 in Philadelphia, 1600 N Broad Street, and two tow drivers were in the parking lot.. We spoke to one driver who assured us we could park safely as long as I didnt park in a "Reserved spot". When we finished the movie, my car had been towed by George Smith Towing Company. I had to pay $265.00 to get my car back. AMC is shucking the responsibility of reimbusement and George Smith Two Company has been ruthless. Additionally, a ticket was given to me. This is predatory, practice and is not acceptable. I am a senior and have a fixed income.
Rodney Carpenter 06/27/2019
Here in Muncie our AMC was renovated with reclining chairs, a bar and serve yourself soft drink machine stations. Very nice at first. Now, it's a mess!! It's like your shoes stick to the floor mats at the coke dispensers! Popcorn covers the floor! It seems at least one dispenser or both is out of ice and or some drink choices! Disgusting and should be reported to the Health Department. And the deplorable conditions get no attention! The few number of employees are busy attending to patrons. Attention Management! Take care of this. Eliminate the drink stations and hire employees to give patrons their drinks and if there is a mess behind the counter at times hire more staff to keep areas clean and presentable. Cleanliness is next to godliness and in theaters, concessions!!
Dokey 09/18/2018
Katerina;I have never heard that before about the Senior price! That’s terrible, thanks I’ll be watching out for that 😻
German, Jr. Olivarez 01/11/2018
Everyone gets the 5.00 deal on Tuesday at Marcus Movie Theators without the need to be a member of any club of the business. Times are difficult for citizens in this working world. Good luck...
Cindy simms 10/24/2017
Seats make u feel like your at home. service is perfect. love my movies
Lin Thompson 10/22/2017
Stadium seating with excellent reclining seating. Good popcorn too
Kathrina 04/08/2017
I am wondering why the price for many movies is $8.00 for seniors and $5.75 for adults?
Stephen Kilyk 12/07/2016
I was to AMC just before thanksgiving. I got ripped off. I was charged $26 for 2 senior tickets. If I had known that I would have gone to secaucus karesotes and paid $16 for 2 tickets. In Secaucus the seats are leather and they recline. The Clifton AMC is an old theater. I remember going there before it was AMC.
becker 03/11/2013
I have been there to the theatre on Camelback Rd in AZ.........my first experience was unbelievable, I could not believe I was at a movie theatre. I knew I had to go back and did with my sister. It was so nice to be able to relax at the wonderful lobby bar and have a drink and if you do not finish it can take in the movie with you. The service was wonderful and food delicious. Wonderful relaxing recline seats, push button service for food and drinks not to mention the friendly wonderful service. This is a customer service plus place. Cannot wait to go back for the third time. Did the dine in first then the cinema suites. What a wonderful way to see a movie. Lots of room and feels like you are sitting in a home theatre. Thank you so much for the neat experience and service.
Rachel 04/22/2012
I live right near an Amc theather and it is the only theater I go to because it is so awesome. Even though it is pricey, it satisfies the enjoyment of going to see a movie in the theater! The screen is huge, the movie is loud and the candy and snacks and drinks are perfect to go with it! Even the workers are nice to you and take care of the place such as keeping it clean and pleasant. Amc is the best theater and I ahrdly ever go to a different theater because of it (:
pauline mail.comc doneell 04/13/2012
Love the movies AMC does everything to make going to the movies a real experience, since I saw my first 3d movie in a clean comfortable theater my interest in going to the movies has been renewed. I lost interest a few years ago and never wanted to go to the cinema, my children missed out on movies as did my husband. the reason for not wanting to go was the movie theater was old and dirty the staff had no interest we had a few bad experiences when my children and I where directed into a r rated movie and they where 3 and 4 years old. I can see now that things have changed and am happily enjoying the movie experience again. Thanks you AMC keep up the great work
Srividya 03/09/2012
AMC Theaters is my favorite place to watch movies on big screen. Apart from ambiance, they have this rewards program, Stubs Membership card which earns rewards for every dollar spent. It also gives the benefit of free upgrade to a large popcorn for the price of medium.The sound effects of IMAX of AMC Theaters is mind-blowing.
Ronald OToole 01/20/2012
The Woodland Hills AMC is great, always clean and well staffed.
Virginia McGuire 01/08/2012
There are several movie theaters to choose from where I live...AMC theaters are my #1 choice! This large drink coupon is a HUGE "reward." Am actually going to use it today! Thanks CouponGreat.com!
Reba L. White 10/14/2011
I love the AMC theatres the employees are very polite and the place is very clean. you get very prompt service at the concession stand and you are able to get to your show you came to see on time. And that really make it a very great place to go.

Money Saving Tips at AMC Theatres

1. Join the AMC Stubs loyalty program: The AMC Stubs loyalty program offers members discounts on tickets, free upgrades on popcorn and drinks, and other perks. You can also earn points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for free tickets and concessions.

2. Check for Discounts: AMC Theatres offers various discounts, including student discounts, military discounts, and discounts for seniors. Check their website or ask at the box office for the latest discounts.

3. Go on Discount Days: Many AMC Theatres offer discounted tickets on certain days of the week, such as Tuesdays or Thursdays. Check with your local theatre to see if they have any discount days.

4. Bring your Own Snacks: AMC Theatres allow customers to bring their own snacks and drinks, so consider bringing your own snacks to save money on concessions.

5. Purchase tickets online: AMC Theatres often offer discounts for tickets purchased online. Check their website or mobile app for online ticket deals.

6. Buy Matinee Tickets: Matinee tickets are often cheaper than evening tickets, so consider going to a matinee showing to save money.

7. Look for Group Discounts: Many AMC Theatres offer group discounts for parties of 10 or more. If you're planning a group outing to the movies, be sure to ask about group discounts.

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