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Forever21.com offers the most current fashions for women and men. Shop Forever21.com and find the best selection of fashion tops, dresses, denim, shoes, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, 21 special items, and more


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Vanessa 12/27/2011
I love Forever 21! They have great clothes at great prices! Return policy is a little tricky, but the shopping experience is worth it for me.
lcarus 12/19/2011
With three daughters, it is great to have a store like Forever 21, where there are tons of styles to choose from for all kinds of occasions. When we are in a hurry to find a dress, a blouse or a nice pair of pants; we run to Forever 21
Lucy 12/05/2011
having three daughters and finding a place to shop which they all like is not an easy task, however we can always count on finding something for all three of them at any Forever21 store. We usually end up spending several hours in the store with no one complaining and wanting to go to another stoee to shop. Forever21 has a unique line of styles in clothes and assessories with affordable prices
Sue 11/28/2011
beautiful clothes and style and rate as well but very messy store hard to find thing clearly too congested and no proper layout .
Shivani 10/04/2011
Great clothes and trends. Always has been a great experience shopping at forever 21.
Jennifer 09/04/2011
floor salesclerk was very helpful. She took my manypurchases to the front to take security tags off. She explained this would help to speed up mycheckout process. Thank you!
gabriella 06/27/2011
very unique, fashionable, sets good trends

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