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Visit 7-Eleven, home of Big Gulp fountain soft drinks, Big Bite hot dogs, Slurpee drinks, and other convenient, healthy and fast food items. Satisfy your snack attack or get a meal to go at a 7-Eleven near you.


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Paul GUENZEL 06/23/2023
7 Eleven310 huyler st south Hackensack Needs to clean up better and get the soda machine working right. It is always no flavor on the sodas in it but the lemon aid or tea is fine I have told them and was told there nothing we can do to it. And they never ever have the 1/8 hotdogs I ask why not and iam told we don’t want to have them
Local Yocal 02/23/2023
At lampasas, tx the employees there need more training as to how to work the rewards program and coupons for cigarettes. Their attitude towards your lost savings is "O' Well, to bad for you". It's to expensive these days NOT to receive your savings especially after spending a great deal of time searching for them.
Paul 01/25/2023
Stopped today for the first time to check out the chicken and it was over cooked and dry must to been set for a while. Surfside store SC.
Big hungry 01/02/2023
Big bite with chilli n cheese. The best
Anonymous 06/23/2022
Love their coffee
Cindy K Broadway 06/15/2022
I once avoided 7-11 because of it’s higher prices on in store purchases, but recently I have found them to be in line with pretty much all other convenience style stores!
Pepsygirl 10/25/2021
Great food. Awesome deals with Points
nina Vance 09/23/2021
very clean.and friendly employees
Quindred Moss 01/15/2021
Great food, Great Service, Great Prices, Clean Bath Room's and Customer Service. I'm a Truck Driver so I surely Appreciate the customer service.
Linda Serrato 01/10/2021
A place to get everything good
Filelady@aol. Com 01/03/2021
Would like to see coupons for hot dogs and lf sodas
Liz 04/12/2020
Pizza special $5.00 Not in Dallas Texas area Store said no no no ... pizza is $7.00
Donald Cook 01/06/2020
I bought a large coffee,4-chicken strips and a soda refill they charged me $16-plus. I told the girl that was too much, she had another girl look at the sale and she told the first girl it looked right. I asked for a receipt they charged me for two extra chicken strips@ $1.79 each and $1.99 for the coffee. "Yes I did use my rewards number.
Tonni 04/03/2019
Please bring back Jumbo Hot Dog & Big Gulp Fot $2 22 best deal ever.
Coco 08/27/2018
Very good cold brew coffee. I had the vanilla but they had mocha too. Staff very nice and friendly at East Palmdale store. Got the BOGO FREE of H2 O.
Rejoyce Stewart 06/26/2018
Best coffee in town - convenient variety
Anonymous 05/28/2018
The one on Monroe in Dearborn Michigan is filthy.
beverly glaspie 08/31/2017
Love 7 eleven slurp cherry
Anonymous 08/24/2016
They are friendly, clean, great for those emergency needs in the eve!

Money Saving Tips at 7-Eleven

1. Use the 7Rewards loyalty program: 7-Eleven has a rewards program called 7Rewards, which rewards customers with points for every purchase made at a 7-Eleven store. These points can be redeemed for free snacks, drinks, or even fuel discounts.

2. Take advantage of weekly deals: 7-Eleven often offers weekly deals on select items, such as discounted snacks, beverages, or other products. Be sure to check the 7-Eleven app or website for current deals.

3. Buy in bulk: If you frequently purchase snacks, beverages, or other items from 7-Eleven, consider buying in bulk to save money on the per-unit cost.

4. Use coupons: Look for coupons in local newspapers or online coupon websites to save money on 7-Eleven products.

5. Bring your own cup: 7-Eleven offers a refill program for coffee and fountain drinks, so bringing your own cup or tumbler can help you save money and reduce waste.

6. Opt for combo deals: 7-Eleven often offers combo deals on select items, such as a hot dog with a drink or a pizza slice with a side. These can be a cost-effective way to get a complete meal.

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