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Roberta Hargrove 07/08/2023
My late husband , my grandson and I took Amtrak train from OklahomaCity To Fort Worth on a Saturday morning and rented a car and went to the Zoo and we spent the night at a motel and returned on Sunday We had a great time and plan to go again in the future!
M.A.Dwyer 02/26/2023
This rail LOVER wouldn't traverse this COUNTRY in any other STYLE. Great service EXEMPLARY FOOD SERVICE Safe and SOUND and the AFTER SUNSET lights are so much a mesmerizing show. Love the tracks and their music. I would rent a cabin on one and live on the train for months at a time if I had the money. Mush obliged for this opportunity to boast about this FINE means to see almost anything anywhere on the MOTHER EARTH. M.A.D.
Sharon 02/19/2023
Why aren't there direct trains from Fresno to Sacramento without having to transfer to the bus. I love riding the train but I don't like riding the bus. Our red hat group would love to make another trip to Old Town Sacramento but we aren't into riding on a bus.
Kelvin Robinson 08/25/2022
I travel Amtrak at least twice a year, the train is sometimes late on arrivals and ALWAYS late on departures, but I wouldn't travel any other way πŸ™‚
Stella Dixon Draper r 08/21/2022
I wanted my daughter to experience all ways to travel. I took an Amtrak roulette to Dayton, Ohio (no more extended stop there) with my daughter when she was 4, and I placed her on the upper bed. The train lost power, and the air conditioning was not working. I found her sitting in the window in her birthday suit, waving and smiling as we slowly travel back to New Jersey. She had a great experience. Now she is traveling with my Granddaughter. That was an excellent adventure for children. My daughter is now forty-two. πŸ€£πŸ˜‰πŸ€£
Jim Whiteside 07/11/2022
When you get west of Missouri you can’t get a train North or South, terrible schedule, have to go to Chicago & backtrack hundreds of miles & days added to trip plus expenses.
Renuka 06/29/2022
I am a frequent Amtrak traveler. Recent train derailments is causing may family lot of concern about it s safety. Railroad crossings all over the country should be tested for safety ASAP.
garrett hughes 06/28/2022
I was on train 281 this past Sunday 6/26. The 10:20 out of Penn Station arrived in Albany at 3:30 P.M. For 1 hour we sat in Penn Station with no power on the train. It was a sold out train and it was very HOT. No conductor announced what was going on in that period of time. They finally told us that the engine was bad. This was my first trip on Amtrak in over a year and it was awful.
A. Heffernan 06/28/2022
Website is extremely difficult to use to check fares and options. I have attempted to research Amtrak alternatives to air travel on several occasions and have found it so difficult to use I just gave up and booked with an airline. In comparison, I have traveled all over Europe by rail and found it extremely easy. Amtrak is WAY behind in that respect.
kathryn murdock 06/25/2022
Need to be able to access fares easier
Karl 02/02/2022
The best way to travel by Amtrak its fast safe and no traffic !!!! I hope I get free ticket for my commented
Roxanne Parker 11/13/2021
I love taking the train. The staff is great and the scenery amazing and I love that I meet so many people from all over the states and form forever relationships with those I bond with on my travels
Anonymous 10/24/2020
Great service I like to cut on environmental polotion
gami aranas 06/13/2018
Amtrak is slow but sure.
Shirley Nichols 10/22/2017
I love Amtrak, When I travel to see my family I would rather ride on Amtrak then drive. It's such a peaceful trip.
Carolyn Smith 06/17/2017
I enjoy Amtrak, the comfortable seating, the lounge car. Especially the fare, because I am a senior
Ronterrio Jones 05/25/2017
I love Amtrak I save a lot also and I rather use Amtrak everytime
Coreen rollock 08/06/2016
I love you ride Amtrak it's a pleasure

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