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Barbara Lou Holt 11/04/2018
I love Fred’s. It is the best dollar store. I can buy everything from clothes, tools, garden supplies, and cleaning supplies! I can pick up prescriptions on time. It is my one stop shop! The prices are the best!
Shirley Barker 05/27/2018
I am having trouble signing up for the digital coupons
Lynn 04/18/2018
I love freds in Clarksville ga and the workers..
carolyn r. parker 03/19/2018
Fred's in my hometown is the best place to get it all in one place. It is located in the heart of town, and is close to which ever community that you live in. Prices are great and the service is with a smile.
Jean price 01/18/2018
I love Fred's the people are so friendly and everything is easy to find
Charlotte 10/08/2017
I enjoy shoping at Fred's
Mary 10/04/2017
Fred's has good saving on lots of items enjoy shopping there.
essie davis 09/21/2017
Love shopping at feeds in Greenwood ms
patricia 09/06/2017
Love shopping at fred's store can save so much money
Jeanette 06/28/2017
Enjoy shopping at Fred's dollars store
Cindy moore 11/28/2016
Fred's is a great store to shop at with a large variety of products and has the pharmacy right in the store for easy convenience.

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